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February 25, 2013


I am no expert, but if all these federal agencies agree that sequestration is a bad idea, it's probably a good idea.


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I can see Sequestration being one of Dave's main theme's in this years, Year in Review.

Not sold in store.

I think perhaps sequestration of the budget should be followed by defenestration of many of our Legislators and other assorted politicians.

Cheese, I've been lobbying for a Year in Review compilation for five years now.

They really just mean the sequestration is bad for them, which doesn't necessarily mean it's bad for the rest of the country. Maybe it prevents them from giving themselves another raise or something irritating like that.

As a card-carrying member of the illuminati (formerly known as the federal government) I can assure you that sequestration is a terrible idea. Forcing federal agencies to actually cut budgets runs counter to our historical practice of increasing them just a weensy bit and congratulating ourselves on the enormous sacrifice we have made. If we don't have your money, how will we continue to support hemp farmers in Thailand and prepare rocket ships to crash into possibly-approaching asteroids? If you don't stop sequestration, then don't blame me next time an asteroid barely misses your city.

maybe it was the last sequestration impact that actually killed off the dinosaurs...

I have a drink whenever I hear the word sequester. After awhile, it starts making a little more sense.

sequestering is awful. they decided to put it out there because it is so stupid n figured NOBODY would go for that.... nutcases.

Naw, the Govt. signed up for the Crisis of the Month Club, thinking it was tickets to a George Will benefit concert. Now, they can't figure how to cancel. Why do you think the Post Office is cutting Saturday delivery?

We can laugh, but without the federal government spending trillions a year how are we going to maintain our asteroid-proof shield that's protected the planet (except for Russia)? Answer me that!

Iowahawk's Top Ten Sequestration Threats

10. Federal mattress and ladder warning stickers no longer spell-checked

9. NPR hosts forced to pay for own Valium and poignant banjo interlude music

8. Department of Rural Solar Train Development lays off up to 2 Deputy Assistant Press Undersecretaries

7. Drones dropping "IOU 1 Bomb" notes

6. Crony "green energy" corporations now expected to produce the same zero jobs, but with 2% lower budgets

5. Outlaw pusher gangs run wild in the streets, wielding fatty snacks and Big Gulps

4. Valerie Jarrett forced to lay off 3% of her round-the-clock personal Secret Service detail

3. TSA agents only fondling one testicle

2. White House forced to cancel contract with silverware polishing service MSNBC

And the #1 Sequestration Threat:

Obamaphones no longer preloaded with Angry Birds


It's 2% of their budget, or about one week's worth of operation.

Neither side wants to be the first to blink over this, so we, the taxpayers, will once again take it in the shorts.

If they said "No pay for Congress until this is resolved!" they'd have things smoothed out by yesterday.

We really do have the best government money can buy.

Here is a great quote from Instapundit:

"As my father-in-law once said, when they talk about taxes it’s always for teachers, firemen, and police — but when they spend your taxes, it always seems to go to some guy in a leather chair downtown you never heard of."

SSA will save $6 over 10 years on SSI determinations if sequestration is avoided according to Michael Astrue's letter to Barbara Mikulski

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