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February 19, 2013


Man stabbed after refusing to change positions during threesome

(Thanks to Dave Cohn, who says "It's never like this in the movies!")


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"...pulled a butcher knife from his couch..."

From his COUCH?!?

Fargo. Was Steve Buscemi there?

Sheep are vicious creatures.

Shouldn't there be some sort of agreement beforehand? "Okay, on the count of three..."

At least this didn't result in premature annihilation.

Fargo II: The Repositioning

That's why, if you are a male, it is usually better to participate only in a menage a trois with two females.

He's fleein' the interview!

What, he couldn't wait the full 30 seconds till the other guy was done?

Clearly a dearth of manners in our society. I enjoy using "dearth" in a sentence.

Thanks Allen. I thought it said crotch.

At least he didn't run him thru a chipper.

Key words here: "Prison buddies".

Sounds like they were close, friends.

The "reason" (rationale? excuse?) this sorta stuff occurs in Fargo is simply becuz the mindset of "community ambiance" there is "Minneapolis Wannabe" ... merely sayin' ...

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