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February 18, 2013


Women who wish to show their nipples in public in North Carolina may be prevented from doing so in the future after politicians proposed new legislation.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I was going to venture a light hearted comment about a certain North Carolina nurse bloglit in re this story but decided to keep it to myself instead.

I don't understand why anyone would be allowed to do this to begin with. Let alone that they already do this

Because we've solved all our other problems. I wish they would quit using my picture in articles like this.

A) Politicians without enough to do. Clearly half should be fired and the other half put on half pay.

2)Felony??? for a little boobage??? What about Christmas cards? What about Greek statues?

iii. Jeff, you might end up with a white sneaker enema.

I think I have determined Brown's motivation.

Jealousy. No one wants to see her* equipment.


The linked article refers to Brown as "he". Understandably.

what's up with that awfully high panty waist line??

You can pry my nipples out of my cold, dead hands

Here, Peach. Here, boy. Meet Representative Brown, Peach. He tasty.

A felony? So Janet Jackson risked a felony during her super-bowl slippage (aka "Nipplegate") a few years ago?

No jury would convict her.

As the final episode of Seinfeld said, "I've seen them, and they are spectacular!"

(Or, in Janet's case, they are slightly below average)

My thought exactly, ligirl.

Nip an' tuck? Tuck that nip? These old dudes....apparently older than moi-meme...must be afraid that seeing a nipple would create a multi-megaton explosion in their nether regions - since it's been lo, these many moons since they've had a taste....er, sight.....surely they have better things to do, like arresting dogs for making false statements?

Just getting around to this now... and I checked out the facebook profile of the most recent commenter (about 10:00 ET Tuesday) who thinks, shall we say, this is a bad idea.

Bring those nipples to New Zealand. We are happy to help out.
Attn: NC-- Yowza.

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