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February 20, 2013


Four men, 11 sheep found in hatchback

(Thanks to Bill Moore and Jeff Meyerson)


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How many men does it take to steal sheep?

Apparently, four. Would the crew have been smaller if they had sheep-tied the animals?

"Two ewes for ev-ry boyyyyy...."

Padraid --
That's Baaaaad. NTTAWWT

How many Aussies would be in the hatchback with the sheep?

This was inevitable. There are about twenty sheep for every human in New Zealand.

Is there a problem, officer?

Except for the hatchback, sounds like WEST Virginia.

Is this some sort of twisted 12 days of Waitangi?

I think the question remains, how many sheep would a Kiwi shag if a Kiwi could shag sheep?

They were on the lamb.

How soon before we hear a lot of bragging about this in car commercials ?

Hog-tied Sheep WBAGNFA ... um ... CW Band frum Montana?

New Zealand ... the new Scotland.

Now playing: Ewe Too

Sounds like a New Zealand staaaaaag party to me.

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