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February 28, 2013


“Pup came in and said, “are you right to bat?” and I said “unless they’ve got a whole roll of toilet paper, mate, I can’t get out there at the moment.”


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"Sufferin' gastro!" Thath dethspickable.

The words are English but the whole story doesn't make sense (and I'm half Australian...apparently, in this case, the wrong half).

The idea of being half Australian reminds me of a dinner in Portree, on Skye, where we had "Best End of Lamb." It was delicious, but it did cause us to wonder, what's the worst end, then?

So his wicket was sticky? Or not at all sticky?

"OK mate, I've got your toilet paper but wouldn't you be better off using a bat?"

Anyway, wouldn't they call it a "toilet roll" rather than toilet paper?

I hate it when I'm a bit crook.

The Sticky Wickets WBAGNFARB. I thought they spoke English in Australia.

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