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February 22, 2013


The Dayton Daily News reported that Kronenberger is a former chamber of commerce president who was Waynesville’s “Citizen of the Year” for 2006.

(Thanks to Vincent Jeffers and Greg Snow)


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Wrong linky. I fear Judi is about to be fired!

link is to previous article on Genesis Death Sandwich.

this link should work though

Well not fired, Judi, maybe a spanking will suffice.

Is it just me, or does getting the "Death Sandwich" link by surprise seem a little creepy?

Is the death sandwich gluten-free?
Is the spanking glut-free?

y'all are SO PICKY. you actually expect different links for EACH blog post?! geez.

Go get 'em Judi.

I'll hold your coat.

Put some bullets cartridges in their ovens.

Actually, Judi, we just expect links to men in kilts.

This is what the ads mean by "brand spanking new rental?" I will keep on driving.

You mean like this, Ms. Flukey?

And here is your tenant-whipping landlord story.

Living in Devo Towers. The hat would be bad enough.

That's what comes of running " Apartment For Rent " ads in Masochist's Weekly.

ALWAYS read the rental agreement before signing!

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