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February 25, 2013


Now: bird droppings.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Man, that is one embarrassed-looking Jesus. Or maybe it's the Werewolf of London, or Daniel Day-Lewis?

*ships handbasket to Ohio*

OMG Please,

Personally, I think it's a howler monkey. Could Jesus have been a howler monkey?

Looks more like Jeff Bridges.

as nursecindy always says, how does this guy know what Jesus looked like?

jesus in annual celestial meeting with leaders of the animal kingdom: "so guys, you've had a year, let's hear what innovative ideas you've come up with to spread the good news to our downtrodden human friends. Yes, you, leader of the bird kingdom, let's hear it."
"jesus,you're gonna love this, the humans will be tweeting with excitement, what we plan to do is...

My first thought was Stephen King.

Unfortunately, the bird's anus healed shut.

I think it's a Morlock.

It's Charles Manson. Google his images to see the resemblance... especially the wild hair and eyes. I attempted to post side-by-side comparison photos, but couldn't figure out how to upload or copy the photos with my comment.

All going to hell.

Hop in the basket.(scribbling list)

It disturbs me that people seem to say "Jesus!" when you show them a picture of a howler monkey. Especially since they say the same thing when you show them a mandrill's butt. Could we be on the verge of a new Revelation? First, Ecce Howler, then the Pope quits, and now this . . .

Hmmm -- but you get the same reaction when the picture is of Newt Gingrich (remember him?) I'm not sure how that fits ...

Newts and howlers? We must be living in the end times.

I swear that, back when I was in college, I saw Jesus' image on a package of cigarette paper. It must have been true, because what I believe was a religious experience happened soon after.

I think it looks more like Rin Tin Tin.

As a card carrying German Shepherd, I resent that.

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