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February 26, 2013


Paul and Heidi Bellas walked up the aisle dressed as Shrek and Fiona.


(Thanks to Joe in Japan and Chuck Cody)


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Before I read the story I was afraid it was in New Jersey, but evidently they are just as weird in England. Did the Frog give the Bride away?

Are they going to dress up, or just go like that?

Her resemblance is uncanny.

What - no pictures of the couple in their costumes?

Jesus Christ.

Maybe I'm going nuts, but they look better in their costume than real life. I'm going to look for my Venom costume........

Sorry, I thought it was a howler monkey.

They were made for each other

Was there ogren music?

Was the annoying donkey the Best Man?

Evidently the Brits have more serious problems than bad teeth.

Ogre Promise Me....

I'm green with envy.

yea I got a match; (shrek's ass & their faces)

I don't dare laugh -- my wife wanted us to go to Las Vegas and have a Klingon marry us at the Star Trek Experience.

Fashion week is coming up and it's a fast trip to Paris from Jersey. Can't be worse.

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