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February 27, 2013


Sea monster found in New Jersey

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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"The eel-like monster is reported to be a large sea parasite."

Lessee...slippery; parasite....has anyone checked to see if any New Jersey politicians are missing?

I'm thinking Vinny or Pauly D.

In reality, humans are the largest sea parasites. We prey upon the beautiful residents of the sea, and even on the plants-- we turn them into wrappers for our land-prey, rice, which we wrap around other sea-prey, fish.

I'm getting hungry. Who's up for sushi?

If that's a parasite, then we're going to need a bigger colon.

Sad when a bris goes so wrong.

"Two thick lips and rows of sharp teeth." Are all the Kardashians accounted for?

some onions and peppers and he's got a tasty parasite kabob

I cannot believe no one has mentioned Gov. Christie.

Take a bow, bloggers, be proud of yourselves.

I, ah, DID mention New Jersey politicians....?

Parasite: " Whadda you lookin' at ? "

I know you did, Wolfsong, but as long as you named no names...

I saw the headline and thought that Snooki had gone for a swim....

Eh, it's just a lamprey.

for realz. no big whoop. we got them in lake erie.

Yep, the bastards came down the St. Lawrence decades ago. Play hell with the whitefish.

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