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February 23, 2013


A KFC employee in Tennessee is out of a job after photos of the culprit making out with a plate of mashed potatoes ended up on Facebook.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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*snork* at "underboob."

As long as the mashed potato( e)s were above the age of consent, we should not judge.

oh. the headline left out the key element... boob shaped, dumbass if you axe me.

Maybe it had Betty Davis eyes.

Oh lord... Not THOSE mashed potatoes.

Analysis of the audio revealed that the employee was humming, "... nobody can do ... the Mashed Potatoes like I do. Nobody can do ..."

Never tell this kid to "Hold the gravy".

I predict another sequel to the comedy American Pie, suggested title, Mashed (Sweet) Potato Pie.

"He stressed that the employee who took the photos is no longer with the company."

Is the guy IN the photo still there???

It looks like it was tongue licking good.

thems boys done got themselves some Kentucky Fried Brain-cells!

This is weird stuff.. lol

With the three piece meal you get 2 sideboobs.

I was afraid it was going to be a spunk & spuds situation. Whew, just a mash masher.

Loud...Yes. It's a sign of blog-induced brain-rot when the real link turns out to be more innocuous that what you've imagined. If it's any comfort, I was right there in the mental cesspool with you.

"How was work today, son?"

"I really love working at KFC mom. I'm into it!"

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