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February 18, 2013


Frenchman lands first ever car backflip on snow

(Thanks to Alkali Bill)


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First the car, and later France, promptly surrendered.

Pffft. Already been done over Biscayne Bay.

We did that about every weekend when I was in high school.

Damn, PB beat me to it.

I saw no warning to not try this at home. "Hello....Keller and Keller?"

What's French for "Hold my beer wine and watch this!" ?

A "free ride ski champion?" Does that involve sneaking onto the lift without a ticket? So many idiotic sports, so few brains.

When I lived in Illinois I saw lots of cars that got half way through a back flip on the interstate when it snowed. Northerners claim they can drive in the snow, but they can't. They can drive on recently plowed and salted roads. All those upside down cars, that I saw, had Illinois plates. My Alabama plates did not get in the ditch.

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