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February 28, 2013


Car paintball.

(Thanks to Ken Morgan)


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This views like a bad episode of Top Gear (Maybe it's the American version). And that music? It sounds like the guy who sang the lead in "St. Elmo's Fire".

Happy 1983!

Oh my word. What a way to ruin a couple of cars

I'm glad someone had the balls to do a car advert in a new and provocative manner.

Paintballs, that is.

I would ask a couple of my mechanic friends if they could outfit my truck with some of the features on the Audis, but their wives would narc on me to my wife.

I had a car fitted out exactly like this and I loved it when I picked it up at the shop.
I was talking to the mechanic and he said that now I'd be all equipped to shoot paintballs at the slow drivers in the passing lanes.
"Paint??" I asked.

Yesterday's paper had an article about civilian ownership of the tanks of yesteryear. One man outfitted the main weapon with a propane device that mimicked the sound and boom of a canon -- sort of like the pirate ship in a certain book currently being sold.

He fired off a couple of "rounds" as he was taking the tank down the street to the gas station. Two police cruisers pulled him over.

"You know why we stopped you?" asked the officer.

After offering the perfectly innocent explanation, the officers said something to the effect of 'that is so cool' and let him finish his errand.

Note to guys: next time pick a more interesting pair of cars than a couple of Audis -- station wagons, at that. For example.

Cooler than cool.

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