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February 21, 2013


Woman 'shot' and wounded as she cooks a snack after bullets left in her OVEN explode

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins and Jeff Meyerson)


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Hot Shot?

Why didn't the moron hide his bullets in his own oven?

Yeah, I have to say, "moron" was the word that sprang to mind.

When I was a teenager, some friends and I went camping. I had some leftover 22 cal bullets from target shooting. We thought it would be a hoot to throw them into the campfire.
About three seconds after we did this, we realized what we'd done.
Basic question for a long and prosperous life: What could possibly go wrong with this clever plan?

nursecindy asked me a relevant question: who cooks waffles in an oven?

Good one, Steve.

I thought everone knew to keep their bullets in the microwave.

Full metal idiots.

"Ok, who putta bullet inna furnace?"

"Tink, tink, *snicker* *snicker* tink, tink".

I'm not even going to bother asking why the bullets were in the oven. I mean where else do bullets go?

When I read "cooks a snack," I initially saw "cocks a snook," which is a phrase my mother used to use to mean "shows visible disrespect for." Makes the article more interesting.

Shot for storing bullets in the oven? Seems like only a misdemeanor offense.

sounds like a lost episode of mythbusters, or is it an episode of real american jackasses

Who cooks waffles in an oven?!!

I once told Mrs. PirateBoy that our stove was shot, but never like this!

"Dinner will be ready in 45."


"No, caliber."

Dum dum?

I remember Dave posting an article about a guy who was hammering bullets on his driveway. Of course, one went off and injured him. Of course, this happened in Florida. I am so happy to be a Floridian.

Not to sound as though I'm bucking for the title of Mr. Firearms Person or anything, but a fella could hammer bullets all day and nothing would happen, except they'd get flat. Bullets are the projectiles, and they don't have anything that explodes (not if they're compliant with the Geneva convention, anyway.) What you would have to be hammering to get a detonation would be a cartridge, consisting of a bullet, propellent, and a primer, held together by a casing. Kids: don't try this at home.

I wouldn't even mention it, except the media consistently get this wrong, it jumps out at me when I read it, just like "comprised of" does, and of course I have far too much time on my one-and-a-half hands.

Also not bucking for Mr. Firearms person, but I believe this particular gun routinely holds enough rounds to qualify as an "assault weapon" under certain proposals currently under consideration.

Shake & Bake & Bang.

"And ahhh helped."

Omni, at this point, when I see bullet, I automatically assume they mean cartridge.

Jeff, that episode of Mythbusters ain't missing; I saw it. For real. They couldn't get any kind of lethal force out of the bullets (since action/reaction says that they'll only get about half velocity; with the difference in mass, I bet the brass got accelerated more than the heavier bullets) until they baked a *gun* in their oven. Yes, a loaded gun. You know, to channel the force of the round. When it went off, it tore things up pretty good.

And Corey, you put me in mind of my high-school chemistry teacher, Lloyd Leach (long gone, I'm sure,) telling us about how when he and his brother were kids, they used to take .22 rounds, set a heel on them to hold them in place, and set them off by hitting the base with a croquet mallet. This works with .22 because the primer for those is mercury fulminate; strike sharply anywhere on the rim of the case and it'll go off. Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

Guns don't kill people. Waffles kill people.

But the recipe clearly stated, "Preheat oven to .357..."

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