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February 15, 2013


Meet Zelda – Border Collie who can balance hot dinners on her head


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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She looks sad...

The revolution is coming *very* soon...

They will kill us all as we sleep.

Can she balance Timmy being trapped in the well AND a sheep at the same time?

Having lived with a border collie for several years, this would be vaguely impressive if she was also juggling six tennis balls.

I wouldn't sleep if I were them after this.

border collies are very smart doggies

i used to have one of those. my jenny. yes, we were together like peas and carrots.

Does this hat make my nose look too long?

Poor Zelda

I like to think that sad expression is a clever facade to disguise the plotting going on in her very well-balanced mind.

P.S. New series of horror films:

Revenge of the cats forced to dress up like babies
Revenge of the tiny dogs dragged around in starlets' purses
Revenge of all animals photographed in unseemly spread-eagled positions by neanderthal a-holess...
and a series built around the theme/meme "I CAN GIVZ HUMANS TOXOPLASMOSIS"


Aw, she reminds me of the dog at foodonmydog.com.

Good ol' Shep.

I think Zelda will be just fine. There's a Master:dog relationship going on there which means she'll put up with a lot of nonsense.
Would our dogs eat all the weird stuff I give them if we didn't have the same relationship?
OK, bad example. I forgot they were dogs.

Do you know how much I paid for my dining room table? A lot more than that mutt. Dog pound here I come!

Speaking of canine intelligence, I understand that the standard poodle (not the little yappy kind) is right up there in smarts with the border collie. The difference is illustrated by the following:

OWNER: OK, today we're going to learn a new trick!

BORDER COLLIE: Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Now I can show you how smart I am!

POODLE: You're kidding, right?

"Maybe if I do this trick, they won't make me eat the asparagus."

That's nothing. My St.Bernard doubles as a hide-a- bed.

Our old shepherd would have loved the training regimen for this. "Oh, damn! Sorry. Almost had it. Can we try that again, maybe with a little more weight? Oh, damn! So close (chomp, slurp.) One more time. Nearly there ..."

The Border collies are developing opposable thumbs in a secret underground lab. When they're done, we're in trouble.

Ruffin - I have turned down $3K for one of my BCs trained to work livestock. What'd you pay for that table?

It looks like it's one food group short of being a well-balanced meal.

My dining room table comment was to be dave barrish.Oh well blame it on my disposable thumbs.(is that correct? my thumb seems to appose me)

Is it just me or does dave barry look like somebody's bloated meemaw.

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