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February 18, 2013


Peach the police dog makes a statement.


(Thanks to Allen at Division and Ralph)


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"Please state your age in DOG years, Peaches..."

This warmed my cockles. Or something.

A boy dog named "Peaches"?


Nice big bowl of Krim-Nal-Ration for Peach.

well, Ms. Flukey - he IS a POLICE dog..... = Peach Fuzz??

*wonders if I should just quietly board the geezer bus*

My son's frat has a retired police dog as their mascot. She stares down any major misbehavior.

Better handwriting than most of my company's teenaged employees.

you go peach. wooooof

Goo Boy!

You have the right to remain unbitten. If you give up that right...

LOL at dozy Crown Prosecution Service staff.

Ms Flukey, do you remember Curly Howard?

(joins ligirl on geezer bus)

If I say "yes" do I have to drive the geezer bus? :)

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