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February 11, 2013


Of the tens of thousands of pythons in the Everglades, capturing 50 certainly is "nothing short of fantastic".


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I hope Dave brought a male and a female to Naperville.

"Snakes in a Bookstore" could propel an aspiring rap star's career into a new medium.

Key line'treat the snakes humanly'.

Good News: 50 Burmese Pythons were captured.

Bad News: We ain't seen Dwayne in two weeks.

Declare victory and move along.

...capturing 50 certainly is "nothing, short of fantastic".

There, I fixed that for ya. Somebody forgot the comma.

mission accomplished!

It serves to intimidate the others; it's a lesson they won't soon forget.

I prefer Booger Dave to "Python Dave".

The pythons fart in our general direction.

I believe "nothing short" covers all the bases.

Who needs data that are unbelievable?

Thanks for the great article..

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