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February 13, 2013


Real life headlines about the world's worst superhero.

(Thanks to Renaldo, Vernon Bowen and Warren Anderson)

For instance...

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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We've definitely got our share of crazies in the Tampa Bay area, and it's a far cry from the sleepy little Connecticut town I left 2 years ago. Huge culture shock, but I knew it would be so I embrace it. Besides, I'll take my chances with the crazies rather than 2+ feet of snow I'd be dealing with had I stayed.

If this whack job wandered into Thompson, CT no one would come out of their houses again.

You have got to love it. I also think Dave and the blog deserves credit for helping bring "Florida Man" (and Woman, to be fair - remember the woman giving herself a bikini wax while driving to a date?) the attention he so richly desefves.

"Strip club liquor store"? Makes sense, kinda the way a divorce-lawyer shooting range would.

"Florida's gentle climate ...??!?!"

Just some guy,

How about lawyer shark tank?

Quixotic is a bad thing?
That's it, Sancho. We need to go for a little ride.

They will NEVER run out of material!

Florida Man writes book and goes on strumpet tour.

" ...each state has its own orbit of crazy,” Mormino said. "

Which explains why my neighbor is out yelling like crazy at his dog.

A full day of no blog updates? Is Dave off writing a book or something?

PB it worries me too.

I'll bet all that presidential traffic in the atl slowed him down. It looked insane.

sorry, folks, my computer died and dave was on book tour, so he didn't know i wasn't blogging. mea culpa!

Time for a graphic novel, 'The Adventures of Florida Man and his Nemesis, Florida Woman'.

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