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February 24, 2013


Four students were arrested in Cairo on Saturday for emulating a viral dance craze called the “Harlem shake.”

(Thanks to oneblankspace)


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Ooooh strict indecency laws in Egypt. Good to know that pelvic thrusting is a no no in Egypt. Not where I live though

Removing most of your clothes and performing pelvic thrusts is acceptable in most cultures

Who says America has nothing of value left to export?

I would say that along with the freedom to offend goes the responsibility to not be too easily offended.
But that's just me.

We just made our own family version, but I insisted on making the grandparents keep their clothes on.

The original Harlem shake dancers. It's the only dance I can do.

Where is the UN....No wait, we are talking about the UN, never mind.

Heading down to the U.N. next weekend.

Will the delegate from Catmandu relinquish the floor? No? Ok, boys, it's sanctions time!

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