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February 18, 2013


Brothers celebrate lottery win by blowing up house

(Thanks to Jeff  Meyerson)


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I can't believe the bad things that happen to people when they win a lottery ticket. So many have problems.

Cel-e-brate good times, come on...

Drugs, butane torches, and newly won money. What could possibly go wrong?

well, That wasn't very nice

Please reserve two Darwin Awards.

Proof that lotteries are a tax on the stupid

Before I read the article I assumed that they celebrated their new found wealth by planning an explosive send off for the run down hovel they had been living in before winning the lottery, I should have known.

Marc, that would definitely be awesome. But this is still awesome, at least for all the neighbors who now have something to laugh at.

DAMN I guessed the wrong state!

The girlfriend seems to be the only smart one...if a little belated.

She packed up the kids and the idiot and dropped the idiot off at the hospital on her way out of town. I love it!

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