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February 23, 2013


Idaho Aquarium owner indicted for illegally buying sharks, rays from Florida.

Key quote: In one conversation, Covino is accused of telling the person to sneak the fish to Idaho.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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What, this is illegal?

*hides shark behind back*

*hands Jeff a bandaid*

Out here in California (The correct coast), "catching a few rays" is considered spectator sport.

For a moment I thought it said indicted " for bullying sharks " and I thought " serves you right, Idaho aquarium owner ! "

"Sneak the fish to Idaho," is actually a euphemism for doing the mashed potatoes.

And why were those fish out of school?

Is Jeff half-a$$ed now?

Am I losing my mind, or does that story really say that all they have is conversations of these people being accused of these crimes?

why buy? go see a loan shark...

Florida could work a deal to have Conk and Co. smuggle Burmese pythons out to Idaho instead?

Cod only knows where this is going to go next.

We were sitting around our usual Sunday night Japanese restaurant last night and simultaneously invented a new dish for the sushi bar: spicy python roll.

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