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February 21, 2013


Drunk man 'tried to have sex with an ambulance'

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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There will be NO bodily fluids spilled in this ambulance.

gives a refreshing new meaning to the term "dipstick"

He must have heard that an ambulance always comes within minutes.

We men have a weakness for the flashy ones.

Ah, just another peanut-burning, ambulance-humping punk. Seen it a million times.

It must've been an emergency.

I think (ahem) some of us may have sent this in last week while you were strumpeting, Dave, but unfortunately Judi did not think it worthy of posting due to other pressing interests.

Sorry, that should have been pressing interests.

They all are. At least I never heard one say no.

You mean "ecnalunma" is Finnish for "screw me now"? Now somone will tell me "fragile" isn't Italian for "kick me".

No, the Italian phrase you're looking for is best encompassed by the words, "Finiculi, finicuself." Accompanied, of course, by one finger dragging down a lower eyelid, and usually followed by "Mi segui?"

Gives a new twist to the old question, "Did the ambulance come?"

Where I live, they now charge for ambulance visits. I'm only guessing, but think a hooker might be cheaper.

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