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February 25, 2013


A resident on the 600 block of S. Carlin Springs Road told officers that someone stole a chicken from her crock pot as it was cooking.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Is that code of some sort?

This is why you should always make sure you birds are dead before you cook them. This lady and the king's maid in the garden found that out the hard way.

a poultry-geist?

maybe it was a chicken in her crack pipe?

I promise the full lunch pail, a chicken in every pot ... wait. What? Really? Ok.

Friends, make that a chicken in most pots. And pot in every chicken. ... No? Well, Rove, you read the damn speech, then. You wrote it. I'm outta here.

Has anyone seen Ambrose Bierce?

Someone once stole a frozen chicken from my house. My wife and I saw a person running from our front door when we drove up. The only thing missing was a frozen chicken from the freezer. The police wanted to know if we could identify our chicken. I said yeah, I put my SSAN on it. They were not amused.

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