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February 25, 2013


Lawyer trapped, forgotten inside San Diego-area jail

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The experience will probably make him a better lawyer by giving him a taste of what his clients are dealing with.... or not.

it is really not all that funny especially if you consider what happened to that UCSD student.

As the old joke goes, "It's a good start"

Could they make that room a little bigger for, say, 535 people?

And that is a BAD thing?


should have hidden an extra phone in his anal cavity

Or at least a few hundred bags of heroin.

A lawyer sez he "doesn't know if he plans to sue" ...? I find that difficult to believe ...

Why didn't he have a cell phone?

For some reason, almost every time I inspected a jail, the jailer wound up being called off and leaving me on the tour by myself. I wasn't too worried about the "guests" because I could get the jail in trouble and was, therefore, a potential ally.
However, hearing that door lock with me inside was chilling and sobering.

NOT funny.

As goes California, so goes USA. Coming to your area soon. Avoid police and jails.

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