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February 28, 2013


Tensions Rising With North Korea, but Dennis Rodman Is There

(Thanks to Wig & Pen)


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Next week, Ted Nugent is visiting Syria in an attempt to reduce tensions.

How do you figure the spread in a country where the scores are announced the day before the game?


Time travel to the day before the day before the scores are announced.

Is there anyway we can refuse to take him back?

If you thought His Daveness had some really tough venues on his book tour... I'm guessing that Dave has a better publicist.

Both hit Anderson's in Naperville, though.

Oh, how The Worm has turned.

The mixed team of Americans and North Koreans magically played to a tie.

You'd think it was a soccer game.

Once they see what they're up against, they'll be better behaved.

I think if we finally give them food aid, they'll keep him.

Beware. More signs of the upcoming 2013 Apocalypse.

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