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February 28, 2013


Sausage costume returned

(Thanks to Chuck Cody, Janice Gelb, Ed. Floden, Steve Pflaum, Trent Whitney and Bob Dronski)


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What a relief- Nothing worse than a wandering sausage. My wife has already warned me about that, and it involves a a knife and a blender. But being a die-hard Brewers fan, this story will allow the season to start with hope (which doesn't usually lasts long in Brewers-land)

You may scoff, but paleontologists believe that these primitive, large, phallic-shaped, um, things are the ancestors of Britain's famed Olympic mascots, Anthony and his pal, Phoobar, the one-eyed trouser snake.

The Captain has now turned off the scoffing signs. Please return to your seats.

My sausage never goes out without a costume!

I saw Barhopping Sausage open for Fleetwood Mac.

As a person who goes to Brewers games on a semi-regular basis (It goes by the name Wrigley North when the Cubs visit), I am relieved that the sausage was returned.

I might have been involved in a mascot incident a few years ago when the UW Madison's Bucky was booed and the chant I-L-L-I-N-I was started. I was the designated driver, but alcohol might have been involved.

"You did not see anything."

This reminds me of an incident when some drunken friends of mine "kidnapped" an inflatable "Noid" from in front of a Dominos Pizza. The next morning the Dominos employees found, slipped under the door, a Polaroid (yeah, that long ago) of a couple of goobers in ski masks with a knife to the Noid's "throat" captioned, "Do as we say, or the Noid gets it!"

They got too bored with the joke to bother sending ransom demands and the Noid was found waaaay up in a tree a few blocks away.

I had nothing to do with it, and you can't prove anything.

I wonder if the editor intervened and the original quote was "You didn't see nothing" -- a phrase that when spoken generally does not get corrected by the grammar police.

Oh, man. I actually knew the ad agency people who were responsible for the Noid. Believe me, both they and Dominos would have been happy to just quietly lose him.

No big deal. He can't run again in 2016 anyway.

I nervous sausage a foolish stunt.

The case of the missing link

The fact that it was stolen would make it a hot sausage.

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