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January 15, 2013


The Russian Hamster of Doom

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Steven Seagal could handle that hamster.

Have the French surrendered?

Enjoy your rabies, nitwits.

Oh gawd. Evil Hamster shirts now for sale.

Teasing a terrified animal? Sorry, unfunny.

A Reader, I don't think they were teasing it. I believe they were trying to get it out of the road so it wouldn't get hit by a car.

Chuck Norris looks different nowadays.

I saw Hamster of Doom open for....

Oh nevermind.

Wolfie, they opened for the Stray Cats, of course.

Brother Maynard. Bring up the holy hand grenade!

Awwww. Demons can be sooo cute.

Brave little animal.
BTW, Norman, retired health inspector here. Rabies is unlikely. Our State Health Officer once told us that, in order for an animal to get rabies, it has to survive an attack. Small animals are unlikely to live.
So, unless rabies is being transmitted through the population, itself, and being given from one hamster to another...
We thought we had some rabid squirrels once, but they were only drunk.

Presumably, bats transmit rabies among themselves here in Cali. It's an endemic problem.

Besides, my comment was intended as sarcasm. (Someone using a Monty Python character for a nickname posting on Dave's blog probably isn't expected to be serious.)

I thought the video was hilarious... and the T-shirt is kinda cute. I was thinking of getting one for my nephew.

Isn't this actually the second rabid hamster video we've seen? I suppose I shouldn't have to ask this question, but what is it about living in Russia that makes hamsters go ballistic?

Was this a deleted scene from Jack Reacher? Tom Cruise looks incredibly fit. And the fight scenes were awesome!

A shot of Ol' Tom, clinging to the toe of somebody's shoe and gnawing on it? Hello, Oscar Nomination! Box office gold!

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