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January 15, 2013



(Thanks to Don Koury)


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Tanks for the memories, Dave!

We're going to need a bigger Playboy.

That's a lotta bull.

sperm r us?

Wouldn't a sea men tank be more properly called a "submarine?"

I want the URLs of the websites that that guy's been watching.

A sea men tank is properly called a "brig," actually.

You city slickers didn't really think we only use those sucker hoses on dairy cows, did you?

Cream of sum yung carboi. It's for liquid nitrogen. Talk about shrinkage.

Yep, that's what they look like. Mostly nitrogen. You'd be surprised how small the container inside really is. There is a joke somewhere in there about why ladies are bad at measuring distances, but I am concerned about bikini wax.

A friend of mine was a certified artificial inseminator. He said it was a lousy pickup line.

If that thing tips over, some cow is going to get it in the end....

Eyegore: You're right Actally, if my rancher friends are correct, and they are in the biz, the tanks are for storing "straws" of semen, about 1/2 mm wide by about 5" long. Depending on the pedigree of the "donor", a straw can be worth multiple thousands of dollars. I don't know how many straws can be stored in one of these containers but I do know that the theft of a oouple of them recently was billed as a multiple hundred thousand dollar theft.

One HELL of an orgasm, no?

That was the nickname of a girl I went to high school with.

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