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January 13, 2013


A giant cobra made out of cattle dung was created to entertain children in a Siberian village during the frigid winter months, its 52-year-old sculptor says.

(Thanks to Ralph)

If it gets out of hand,they can always bring in the Florida Fish and Wildslife Conservation Commission to hold a Dung Cobra Challenge.


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Fish and "Wildslife"?

I like that! Now playing: Van Morrison's "The Wildslife, is calling".

PooDoh. Would discourage the kids from eating it.

Is this something like that big straw goat. He better watch out for fun-seeking vandals who might want to flush it.


And to think I wasted all that money on Kindle's this year.

That was one huuuge dog. Gonna need a backhoe to scoop.

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