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January 25, 2013


Why did men stop wearing high heels?

(Thanks to Monique)


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i can remember three different pairs of high heels that i wore in the 70's. i was stupid, i only stopped wearing them because they went out of style.

Any pictures Mud?

Note that even when men wore high heels, they were not of the ankle-breaking stiletto variety. (RuPaul and Elton John do not enter into this discussion.) I still remember seeing a young woman wearing heels so high that she could not in fact stand up straight. She was attempting to cross a street in heavy traffic. I do not understand how fashion victims have not been Darwinized out of our species.

As long as the ladies are holding up their end, why should we wear them ?

yes, but i have not scanned them. there is one that shows me wearing 4" heels on white platform shoes... while my hair was well beyond shoulder length. oh, and i'm wearing a marching band uniform.

We're FB friends mudstuffin. Just message those pictures to me. A marching band uniform?

Also o/t but, our Dave is far too modest to toot his own horn so I'm going to pass this along. In the February Reader's Digest there is a nice interview with Dave about his new book. He also talks about his idea of an ideal wedding. Yes, Dave wrote a book. back o/t

ok. but give me a day or two. my prom picture is pretty good too. white velvet tux.

I don't see why women haven't abandoned them yet. They're darn impractical and look silly.

*SWOONS* over mudstuffin. Elon, we wear them because men like them.

they were all short little sh*ts back then.

Dave wrote a book? About high heels? And blue shirts?

We do?

Did anyone besides me misread Elon's name as "Elton"?

Now playing: Steve Winwood's The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys.

What queensbee said.

Besides, mud in high heels must have been about eight feet tall.

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