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January 31, 2013


Hitler's Toilet is in New Jersey

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker and Barbara A.)


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I bet it's low-flow.

Well shit.

Definitely not a water efficient toilet. Gross looking

Well duh!

Just one more good reason for New Jersey to be the butt of jokes.

Can you get some DNA from it?

If you're talking Hell, the rest of it is there too.

This is one more reason Jersey going down the crapper.

Mein Krapf

Hitler thought his pooper
Was extra-super-duper
Until the fuehrer's biffy
Went sailing down the Liffey

Göring has only got one stall
Hitler poops at the mall
Himmler's bidet is M-I-A
And Goebbels has no toilet at all

No surprise, New Jersey is everyone's toilet.

Heil sH**ler.

OK, you tell him the lid has to stay down.

I've tried peeing on a fishing boat, which is the real reason non-skid deck shoes were invented. But I wonder if it would be different on a 400-foot yacht?
Anybody got one I could try it out on?

Steve: most people just break a bottle of champagne against the bow, but if that's what works for you, I guess ...

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