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January 28, 2013


I'm at the offices of the publisher. They asked me to sign a few books.



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Ĉu disponebla en Esperanto?

Being a published author is so glamorous and exciting.

There could be a World's Record category for this.

Hand cramp coming right up!

Will you be signing the ebooks?

Since you have so many, can I have one?

Those are copies of Joy Shtick with an Insane City cover you are signing.


Just saw Dave on the "Today" show for about 3.657 seconds. Between commercials.
I think Dave should drop the Moe Howard look and try the Larry Fine. Anybody?

Isn't there an app for that?

The reason you can't see Dave's right hand behind the stack of books is that he's got a rubber stamp in it.

They've got you traveling all over the east coast for book signings, Dave, and they can't send you to Key West? *shakes head*

They even let you talk on the radio! Can anyone write a book if they live in Florida?

Any pythons hidden in the stack?

I didn't know there were that many used book stores in the whole country!

Can we see an updated photo, please?

Now, have I already pre-ordered this with Kindle or not? Whenever I pre-order something, I forget that I've done so, and order two of them. With books, you'd get two books, with Kindle downloads, Amazon reminds you that you've already done it, in a very patronizing, "you idiot" manner.

Moptop? Check. Blue shirt? Check. Table of strumpetable books? Check.

Dave Barry, 'This is Your Life!'

Cue the Burmese Pythons.

Looks more like he's taking a piss to me.

It was a dark and stormy night. Halfway through signing his books Dave realized, with horror, he had accidentally signed "Best wishes,Carl Hiaasen" in the last 75 books.

Dave's a lefty!!!!!!!!

I am a lefty too Dave. You know what they say about us lefty's? Anyway it must be exciting for you and good luck with the new book.

So what did you do after lunch?

This is so great - Dave will be in Atlanta Feb 13! Just in time for my 60th birthday! I didn't think i would have any fun turning 60 - I'm so excited to see Dave again. YEEHAW!!!

According to Barnes & Noble, Dave's book is up against Michael Bolton's new autobiography. That's bad enough, but judging from the cover picture, Bolton is implementing a "new hair" marketing strategy. Could be tough days ahead.

What a happy project!

Why did you write so many?

*snork* @ Cindy

*is also a lefty*

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