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January 27, 2013


Ga. woman assaults man with jar of olives

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Jay Brandes)


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I checked my notes and this reminds of the time I witnessed a man get hit between the eyes with an eight ball. Yeah, there was no jar of olives available.

I saw Jar of Olives open for Meat Loaf.

Shoddy reporting -- Giant or Super Colossal Olives?

Well, that's the pits.

Better for you, though, than assault with a box of Cheese Whiz.

This grammaw thinks what happened really is that the rage of Athens, GA citizens at never being able to find a place to park is finally erupting to volcanic heights. But since that would sound too silly it's being blamed on drug addiction.

Olives don't kill people .... unless you mean slowly.

I thought Jars of Olives opened for Jars of Clay. Or maybe that was Cassius Clay?

Olive brine in a facial cut with, probably, brine in his eyes?
Death penalty, for sure.

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