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January 10, 2013


A driver tries to jump the line by passing on the shoulder; hilarity ensues.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Karma is a b!tch, in Russia or Florida.

Love it.

Karma is bich, tovarich.

I've had people try to cut in front of me after they've driven up the shoulder of the road. I would love to see this happen to them. btw, I would die before I'd let them get in front of me.



I love it when they put on thier blinker while trying to cut in line.

Like obnoxious drivers who have "baby on board" signs.

AS IF! No way in hell will I let them in.

My biggest peeve here in Miami are drivers who move left into the merge lane of an from entrance ramp to jump the line. Just let them try to merge back in between NC and me further up the line. I have become fluent in Spanish, Haitian, Portuguese and redneck obscenities but I back off short of (I hope so anyway) violence as I am not committed to the "would die" part.

cindy and Mikey, I agree but...you need to make sure they aren't armed.

Or that you are.

Russians commonly drive around with dashcams as a defensive measure. The practice started as a reaction to a rash of fake rear-end collisions where a car would back into the victim at speed. One result is that there are tons of Russian dashcam videos on YouTube.


We have a concealed carry law in VA.

If they get sassy I just pick the Glock out and hold it up and smile.

Driving on the shoulder to go around a traffic jam is very common practice here in SoCal, despite the fact there's nearly always a CHP parked somewhere along the way to thwart the "guttersnipes".

One guttersnipe almost clipped a police car that I slowed down to avoid hitting as he was backing in to his spot. The errant driver tried to speed away -- which resulted in a second officer not having to wait as long to intercept.

"It's the car in front of the big white truck with flame decals on the hood" is a pretty good description.

I'd poddle along all day without letting 'em pull in and cut across me. Can smell 'em a mile away. I love it when they get stuck in a 'truck sandwich'.

We have a camper van, based on a Chevy 3500. Weighs about 8000 pounds and changes speed like an aircraft carrier. However, the cruise control lets you make delta Vs of roughly 1 mile per hour, up or down. Great for annoying Yups and other right lane passers.


You need to practice an evil grin and laugh when they try to cut in front of you!!!


Until this fall, when she passed away, dog was our copilot. She'd sit in the passenger seat, relegating Mrs. O to one of the back seats. There are few moments in life quite as rewarding as when some hedge fund manager in a Lexus finally gets up beside you on the right and makes a rude gesture, then realizes he's wasted a perfectly good fit of road rage flipping off a German Shepherd.

That refreshed my spirit and gladdened my soul.

My sister was stuck in a three-hour jam when one of these idiots tried driving on the berm.
He flashed right past her AND THE STATE POLICE CAR that was just ahead of her.
Unwise move, as it turned out.

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