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January 26, 2013


You don't exist in an infinite number of places, say scientists

(Thanks to Rich Steurer)


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It was Francisco José Soler Gil, or maybe it was Manuel Alfonseca who said, I think, therefor I am...I am again...I am again...

I can't prove I exist in any one place, much less multiple places, ever since I chased Schrödinger's cat away from Heisenberg.

That article gave me, and my many other selves in other places, a headache.

I'm pretty sure there is no explanation for the Kardashians.

This is fascinating, and I never get tired of hearing about it, except in that other universe where I do.

I know long ago I was not in a lot of places. I could tell by the fact that girls did not see me.

"...highly speculative, despite often being presented as plausible ideas."
Doesn't this also apply to modern finance?
Or is that just in an alternate universe?
Wait. Banks operate in alternate universes. That explains everything!

Great, Ralph, you chased that cat right into my attic. Now it's like Paranormal Activity up there.

If I disagreed with this, I might disappear. So, I think I'll just

Brings back memories of many Twilight Zone episodes.

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