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January 13, 2013


Study into how porn affects men scrapped because researchers can't find ANY young men who had not seen it

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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Such a hard question, too.

... um ... whut channel is that on? Oh, purely fer research purposes ... really ...

One boy said he hadn't, but it turned out he lied so they'd show him some porn.

They have to start somewhere with no Internet, computers pr Hustler delivery. Of course those kind of places have National Geographic style naked women and guys who wear next to nothing. Defeats the purpose.

Every time I go visit the nice folks at the hospital, they tell me I'll need a responsible adult to drive me home. I say, "Where am I going to find one of them?" and then they either laugh or smack me, depending on how many times that day they've heard that tired witticism.

*SMACKS* Omniskeptic.

*LAUGHS* at Omniskeptic.

Which reminded me of the New Age cult that had to cancel its seasonal moon ritual because they couldn't find a virgin.

Now they can use all that unspent grant money to see how water affects thirst.

I actually heard this guy speak about this. He wanted to study the link between porn and erectile dysfunction, except he couldn't. Maybe he should let it slip that there is a possible link, and then he might be able to do the study.

I guess Stevie Wonder is too old?

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