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January 27, 2013


I'm heading out on the Mother of All Book Tours to promote my new comic novel, Insane City, which will go on sale January 29, and which has already been hailed as one of very the few novels ever written -- including those by Tolstoy -- that feature, as main characters, both an orangutan and a snake. I hope to run into some of you out there in BookTourLand. (I'll be the one wearing unlaundered garments.)

Anyway, for the next couple of weeks blogging from me will be sporadic. It's possible that judi will be able to pick up some of the slack, although while I'm traveling she also expects to be pretty busy.  


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Since we're down here in Florida, Dave, feel free to use our apartment when you're in New York.

I just hope that the lack of close supervision doesn't cause judi to get kilt.

Judi, if you need any help with those gentlemen, let me know. Please.

I received a notice from Amazon yesterday that my copy of Insane City will be here on Tuesday. I can't wait! I pre-ordered it around Thanksgiving.

Looks like you and Judy will be busy. I don't see Michigan on the list.

We may be getting snow here in DC on Friday. You must be desperate to meet us, coming up here from Miami in February.

*Wonders if Mrs. Blog has seen this book, and how he survived if she has*

Happy happy, joy joy! Dave's on a road trip and we get kilts and calendars! Bring it on, judi!!!

Wait, wait, wait.... Dave's a writer now? When did this happen?

BTW, His Blogness says it's a "comic novel." Does that mean Batman is in it?

How will he sign a ebook?

Wow! Dave is coming to Texas. Austin, even.

I'll see you there. I'll be the one with many children.

I'll be at the Philadelphia library on Thursday!

*sigh* Once again Dave snubs Aunt Abagail's Book Nook and Quilting Emporium in beautiful Chesepeake Ohio (pop. 423). Here's to hoping that someday his booking agent will wake up and smell the fabric swatches.

Bummer. I'll be in Belize when Dave's in DC.

Latest forecast for Friday is "flurries possible". Given their accuracy on the last two predicted snowfalls, that means it'll be cloudless and 60. Nothin' to worry about.

Hey, Jeff, are you going to the signing in Ft Lauderdale? Maybe we can meet up then.

Judi, that one guy has NIPPLE RINGS. DAVE???????

Dave, heard you with Tom Ashbrook on NPR this morning. He let you get more than a word in edgewise but also almost forced you to give away the whole story. Shame they make you be such a slut to get your book out there...
And will you sign my ebook?

NPR in DC will be airing that "On Point" interview at 9 PM.

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