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January 30, 2013


Hudson Buzz

Philadelphia Inquirer

Chicago Tribune

Weekend Edition, NPR



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Great reviews! I got my Kinde edition and my regular edition today. I'm not sure how I ended up buying two copies of the book but I'm not letting anyone borrow either one of them. I'm up to the part where Seth has just picked up his mom and dad and is now on his way to buy diapers. I love the groom posse and I even like Blossom. I haven't met Trevor yet but I'm looking forward to it. So far the book is hilarious and I'm loving it. I really hope to make one of the book signings in Atanta too. If you haven't bought the book yet, go buy it. You won't be sorry.

Chicago Tribune, eh? The best thing about your interviews is that they don't have to invent good quotes.*

(* A few days ago, the Trib ran an article about a "gun show" that lacked guns for sale. The reporter "quoted" one of the show organizers as saying that of course he gave dissatisfied customers refunds because otherwise they'd go to their cars, get guns, and start murdering people. Organizer denies saying it. Trib refuses to respond to inquiries. At last report, the organizer was siccing his lawyer on the Trib. -popcorn-)


Can you please research up a new first-person Dave-vs-killer-snake story for Mr. Strumpet?

If I read the snake-tongs story again I am going to barf. Just sayin.

Long live the Strumpeter in the blue shirt!

And, really, New Zealand is not much farther than Seattle, so...

The NPR clip with Scott Simon is great. "I didn't want their women. Their women are crabs, you know. But they didn't know that - or maybe they were bitter about that. I don't know." Never gets old.

When a single male crab goes to a pick-up bar, he says "What's up, crab-cakes?"

Juat some guy.

Don't crabs have to come into the "side" door of bars?

Forget all that. What did the Orlando Shopping News have to say ?

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