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January 31, 2013


The New York Times

LA Review of Books - Skype interview


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an outwardly rugged but inwardly sensitive and thoughtful guy who, through no fault of his own, keeps having to beat the crap out of people.
Saberhagen wrote a series of Dracula novels like that.

Is that cheap rag trying to ride Dave's coattails again? Anything to boost their reputation, I guess.

*Looks suspiciously at judi*

How do we know that's really Dave, and not a Chinese hacker?

I just read this bit:

"NYT: Who are the funniest writers alive?

His Blogness: Roy Blount Jr., Carl Hiaasen, Steve Martin, Andy Borowitz, Alan Zweibel, Gene Weingarten and Nora Ephron (she’s alive in my heart). Also the Onion guys, and the folks who write “South Park,” “Modern Family,” “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Portlandia.” Also a surprising number of Internet commenters."

Wait a second, where would Dave be seeing funny Internet commenters? Surely he couldn't mean...

*leads group blush*

WD ~ I did hear the Chinese cracked Dave's almost impossible to decifer password of "Booger".

I saw Dave in an interview this morning on Fox 2 news and it was a good interview Dave on your new book. Good luck with that. I still have yet to buy it. Soon. Dave is a good humor writer my bookcase is full but Mitch can also write humor if he so desires. I think Dave and Mitch should write something together maybe a TV show perhaps. We need good writers out there. Most of TV doesn't interest me at all.

Dave I would be happy to read "The Brothers Karamazov" for you but, according to Amazon, it's 546 pages long and it doesn't have any pictures either.

I read those interviews every weekend and Dave's was by far the best and funniest ever. And he said that we are funny! Way to suck up, Dave.

Sorry, can't help you on the Karamazovs but if you need to know about Raskolnikov give me a call.

Loved the Skype interview. If Dostoevsky were alive today I wonder if he would write a sequel to "The Brothers Karamazov"? Maybe "The Sisters Kardashian"?

No mention from the Enquirer yet...?

Crime & Punishment is far funnier than Karamazov. You should try it first. I have high hopes of being at the strumpdate in DC tomorrow night.

Be sure to give Dave a hug from all of us Loudmouth.

On principle, I don't hug men. If Dave cross-dresses...no.

My copy is sitting at the "on hold" shelf in Naperville's Anderson's Bookshop. I was advised to avoid picking it up tomorrow during Dennis Rodman's appearance at the venue.

I'm tempted to show up in my Elvis suit, but I'm pretty sure that Sir Dennis' regular attire would still outshine me.

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