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January 27, 2013


Naked drunk woman drives car into her naked fiance

Incredibly, this did not happen in Florida.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Those two have the Martian Boogey version of a CA driver's license. You see it a lot during rush hour traffic which occurs pretty much when sunlight is available.

That's why this part of California is known as the High Desert, the meth center of the US.

The "Twin Cities" of Victorville and Heperia are known to the locals (and the police) as VictimVille and Hysteria.

Considering he knew she was high when he left her to drive into innocent civilians, I say it is karma.

I first read that as "naked fence"; turns out I was psychic.

Bravo! Really?


Or perhaps moonstruck?

Naked drunk woman WBAG secret war name. In fact, the secreter, the better.

The date wasn't a formal occasion.

Meanie, dumbstruck (in the intellectual and not the psychological sense).

She hit him with a Civic. He's probably in the hospital to get it removed.

Now that's a story to save for the grandkids!
(My personal downfall came when one of my kids asked, casually, what marijuana smoke smelled like?).

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