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January 30, 2013


Right, ladies?

(Thanks to The Perts)


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The study is probably correct, but I suspect that if the husbands doing those chores stopped doing them, they would get even less sex. Just saying. I wouldn't take the risk.

I'm guessing now would be a really good time for me NOT to comment.

Udder nonsense.

Hadda be said.

TOTALLY loving the new font, judi.

comic sans. perfect for the barry blog.

If them darned womyn would have learnt how do them chores right in home-ec to begin with, we wouldn't have to be takin' up the slack, right boys?

So then single guys that do housework should have more sex with themselves than guys that live like pigs? Who wants to write the grant application?

I'm afraid any comment I make might be a mistake but I will say ... no, better not.

In my opinion, there is nothing sexier than a man vacuuming and doing laundry. Especially if he's wearing one of those little French Maid ............never mind.

Wearing a little French Maid? That would definitely add to the cardio workout!

Sweet Bumpass sex study? Really???!

I suppose there's something suggestive in the excitement of the electric connection... the rhythmic backward and forward thrusting of the vacuum as it sweeps... the passionate moaning and straining of the motor...

"Ellis doesn’t quite agree with the findings from the new study, admitting that she "swoons" every time she sees her husband get out the vacuum cleaner."

Makes me wonder what kinda special attachments he ordered for that Hoover...

The vacuum is the greatest dog-discipline device ever invented.
What's this I'm hearing about it having other uses?

Well, if you couple the vacuum cleaner with a trimmer you can really sclupt the shrubbery. So to speak. IYKWIM AITYD.


My wife reminds me that no husband has ever been shot while washing the dishes.

DOL: That's because it's difficult to pull the trigger with soapy hands.

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