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January 15, 2013


Horse DNA has been found in some beef burgers being sold in UK and Irish supermarkets, the Republic of Ireland's food safety authority (FSAI) has said.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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A little more bang for a buck? Buckaroo Banzai? Bucking Broncos of the world, unite?

Nah ... I got nuthin' ...

Oh good grief.

Has anyone seen Camilla since she dedicated that new beef packing plant...?

If your burger tastes like horse sweat smells, suspect something.

" You've got two empty halves of coconut and you're bangin' 'em together. "

Serve on Thorough Bread.

Well, as long as it's just the DNA I guess it'll be fine.

It's a lean meat. Low cholesterol.

"Food beyond compare, food beyond belief/Mix it in a mincer and pretend it's beef."

Anyone else thinking of that scene in The Simpsons where the school canteen gets a delivery of 'Horse Parts - now with extra Testicles'?

I vote neigh

People in other countries sometimes eat foods we Americans won't touch.
On our part, we have Hot Pockets.

One of the things my father brought back from the second world war was one of those butcher shop signs with the little prongs. It had wheels to adjust the price per pound, but what was nice about it was the big red illustration of a horse's head identifying the substance in question.

He said he got it in France.

leaves you alittle hoarse in the throat

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