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January 29, 2013


Miami-Dade Police dogs, cocaine used in 4th-grade science project


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I assume it was official Miami-Dade Police cocaine?

Forget the dogs. Movie stars could have found it faster.

She won the blue ribbon by a nose.

Next year is our science fair. I think I know what I want to grow now.

seems to me i recall when my kids were in elementary school and we parents were scrambling for a n effin science fair project someone actually did a 'coke vs pepsi' experiment....

Didn't Drug Sniffing Dogs open for Crosby Stills & Nash?

I like the exploding pinata -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8axRIEUgvlc

Yabbut can the dogs find Mentos to add to the coke?

Proving that Dave's book Science Fair was non-fiction - parents will do any stupid thing for their kids to win a science fair.

I think Drug Sniffing Dogs chased Crosby Stills & Nash.

Thank GAWD - No Volcanoes! I have judged sooooo many science fairs and if I see another VOLCANO....

Well the little ones will hear naughty words.

Mikey, that is entirely understandable. #!@*$%#$ volcanoes!

The cocaine project doesn't actually seem half-bad. You could also find out what the minimum amount is, whether the odor persists, and a bunch of other stuff.

Ah, science fair! Memories: Got stuck doing three fair projects in high school. Did real projects the first two times; the second was actually technologically impressive for the time. Got Cs for the projects. Third year, I was still required to enter a project, so I did a joke. Wanted to make it perfectly clear what I thought of science fairs.

I won at school. Third place in regional. 3 (count 'em: three, tres, drei, 11) cash awards. The Army gave me a medal (still have it). And an A for the class.

Oh, Bog.

My son's fraternity has adopted a retired police dog. She's pretty mellow about the funny green cigarettes, but still points out the substance.

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