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January 25, 2013


Man growing new nose on his arm

(Thanks to Phil McAvity)


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This Professor Alex Seifalian guy. You can't trust what either of heads are saying.

....finishing sentence

so he won't have to lift his arm to smell his armpit.

poor guy had to pay thru the nose:
it cost him an arm & a le...well, an arm, anyway

I guess there are worse places to grow one.

It's snot convenient there.

big deal. i did that back in '76. the walls dissappeared and i could fly too. blue meanie, you were there.

If I only knew how to link to that South Park episode where Mr. Garrison's unit was stuck to the back of a mouse and singing a Disney tune to the moon.

Some of you get the idea.

Oh and Mud? I think I took that trip with you. Harmless fun, or at least that's what we thought at the time.

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