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January 31, 2013


Man arrested after pocket-dialing 911


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Good thing for some people you can't pocket dial a firing squad.

A significant number of tow truck drivers I have encountered over the years were friends of crank, but I understand that crack is just about as good for working 72 hours straight.

Loyal son of the week!

You happy to see me or do you have a dialer in your pocket?

NMUA, that probably explains the Lizard Lick guys. Da-yum.

One tow over the line, Sweet Jesus.

Hooked on phone-ics?

Let's let Daddy have a crack at him, first.

He won the jackpot in back pocket bingo.

I just gotta say, judi, you're doing a good job keeping the blog alive in Dave's absence, but I wish you'd pick up the pace. I'm getting the DTs here. Even a men-in-kilts post, which I would studiously not click on, would help.

Sorry, Guy, I'm trying to keep up... but I always get behind. I'll try to do better.

Hey, judi, nice re-up in the last fifteen minutes! Thanks from us all!

By the way, didn't Jay-Z record "I Always Get Behind" in 2009?

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