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January 30, 2013


Uranus takes a pounding more frequently than thought.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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If Uranus takes a pounding, I would recommend yogurt.

...France may have just figured it out, and the answer seems to be that Uranus has suffered from not one but two giant impacts...

So it must have been in a French prison with a cell mate named Le Bubba?

there will be a rush on prep-h....

Paging Gomer Pyle...

Or is that too tasteless for this blog?

In the same line, I just heard the term "prison fart" yesterday, which can be a consequence of too frequent pounding of Uranus.

Tasteless and this blog are synonymous. As long as we don't go to mean spirited I'm OK with it.

Uranus might. Mine doesn't.

Thankful none of the other planets are named " Urweener " .

It never gets old.


I refuse to comment on this article.

...can't...comment...working on...headline-writer job application...

This is completely absurd! I demand that Neptune be renamed "Urweenie" immediately!

speak for yourself.

Even with all those rings around Uranus?

I always suspected Uranus was gassy.

They figured this out after analizing the data.

Wait a second. Uranus jokes? Slingshots and chainsaws? No candid up-kilt pictures? Are we SURE Dave's out of the office?

Let's start a petition at the white house to rename it to Urweenie. Something important.

Popular first line of many a porn story.

I prefer the "don't ask, don't tell, don't pound" policy in regards Uranus. Thank you.


That is all.

(Today's blog reminds me of being on the playground during recess, except I'm not 8, and no one is trying to bounce a tether-ball off my head)

Hey! I saw that!

PB, are those your Uranus pants being run up the flagpole?

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