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January 28, 2013


Dave will strumpet on NBC's Today show, today, at approximately way too early a.m.

Note: It's actually scheduled now for 9:30.


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And I shall be way too asleep.

Get some rest Judi. You'll be pretty busy while Dave's away.

Here on the CorrectCoast, we wake up at our usual time, listed as "Way too Early" on my alarm. Perhaps I shall get to see Sir Dave in real time!

Judi? Please suggest to Dave that he would look even better on television if he was to wear a blue shirt, provided he owns one.

Is it legal for literary authors to be getting up at oh dark thirty?

WHat about Pulitzer Prize winning authors?

Sounds quite like Insane City to be up promoting a book at that hour.

Dave wrote a book?

I hope it's that nice Ann Curry doing the interview, not that mean Matt Lauer. Oh wait..

brrrrr....Dave might enjoy An Icy Stein in our Insane City!

already at work. no tv. i could get it thru the puter, but they dont like that so i cant. i'm sure there will be some type of rebroadcast on the interwebs.

qb - unfortunately dave only got to squeeze in about 2 complete sentences between 4 blabbering today 'hosts'!

(butt he still managed to be funny :)

If a person has enough awards, the guest on an AM show should be allowed to use a taser on blabbering hosts. Just a thought...

I'd pay to see that!

Wait, what? Hey! Do you mind? ::Brrrzzaaapp:: ::thud::

It's BARRY we wanted the most -
Not some unfunny blabbering host!
So PLEASE TASE them, 'bro
On their own Today show
And turn them to blabbering toast!

^ like dat

yes!! i vote for tasering hosts. tasered hosts - wbagnfarb

Now, now. If you're going to tase one set of blabbering hosts you have to do it to all of them. Let's start with The View.

but at least on The View, people are on the show for more than 3 minutes, aren't they?

Judi should have set up real time commenting....like the "24" TV show.

jack bauer could have set up a perimeter around dave -
the bound, gagged & thigh-shot hosts would be praying it was yesterday or tomorrow.......anything but Today ;)

Got a bit distracted by the power tool guy. Not that Dave wasn't totally awesome.

The View does have them on longer than 3 minutes. btw,according to the NY Daily News,Barbara Walters has Chicken Pox so it's probably a good thing that Dave hasn't been on their show.

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