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January 29, 2013


Florida's python hunt yields 37 snakes so far.

This has been your Florida python hunt update.


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Turn on a few ambulance sirens. Catch a few snakes in gray suits.

i see another reality show coming...

I'd like to follow this on Twitter. Preferably a nice big one !

Could next year's Tropic Hunt be held near a snake haven? It would separate the live from the dead.

a snake-u

Florida pythons
37 snakes so far...
not nearly enough

Dave got a mention of the python hunt in while strumpeting for his new book on Morning Joe this morning.

I believe the word "insane" might have been used although that may have been in reference to his book.

Any word on how many people have been shot so far?

37 people have been eaten, so it's a tie.

They fart in your general direction.

It sounds like south Florida's version of the great frog expedition that John Steinbeck wrote about in Sweet Thursday and was later depicted in the film Cannery Row.

Whew! Now only 12 bazillion left.

Where are all the damn snakes in this motherfreakin' swamp?

The Great LaRouche Toad FrogAlbino Python Massacre.

Has anyone tried cooking thses snakes, or are they just throwing them out? People on all those survival shows eat snakes all the time. Pythons likely could be grilled, roasted, baked, used in pasta dishes, etc. Think of the money the public school system could save by taking advantage of this serpentine cornucopia for school lunches.

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