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January 25, 2013


4:02 p.m. Someone driving through Columbia Falls reported that a duck flew into the side of his trailer. He just wanted to talk to someone about the unfortunate event.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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There is nothing more depressing than coming home from work and finding out some errant duck has knocked over your trailer.

so who gets the bill?

"Viaduct? Vy not a horsie?" (Said in your best Chico Marx Eyetalian accent.)

Those reports are always so descriptive of the women in the area, but not in a flattering way...

a hungry horsewoman
an evergreen woman
a big forkwoman

Colorful people, those Flathead County folks.

Q: What's a duck do when it flies upside down?

A: It quacks up.

Why do I always hear Dark Shadows music whenever I read the Flathead County posts?

The horror is spreading.

"The principle was hoping a deputy would talk to the kid."
I object to this on principal.

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