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January 28, 2013



(Thanks to Alkali Bill)


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he looks miserable, wonder why?

I'm sure I don't need to tell this multi-lingual and erudite group what "Comme des garçons" means. These don't look like any boys I know. They do look really emo, though.

The saddest part of that page is in the upper right corner: "1 of 48"

Oddly enough, the least objectionable thing was the ww1 german helmet with the bunny ears

I can totally see Brad Pitt wearing this stuff.

"he looks miserable, wonder why?"

It's because he's thinking: " I guess I my dream of becoming an astronaut is over..."

Dressed to surrender.

The Boy Scouts are discussing considering changing the uniforms.

mazar, the Scouts did say today that they'd consider letting gay folks join up. Coincidence?

Is that a fake mullet? Tell me it is not a fake mullet under his weird Mickey Mouse-like ears.

Well, I think you blog guys would look fabulous in some of those outfits. Post pictures.

There dads must be so proud.

There's a whole stretch of stuff in that slideshow (I clicked all the way through, because I'm bored) that looks like it might have been stolen from Paula Poundstone's closet.

Garçons means dweeb now...?

Yes, bloglits, haute couteur fashion designers hate les garçons as much as they hate les femmes.

Shouldn't that be "las femmes"?

Those are the homeliest women I have ever seen.

These guys all look like they are coming down after a 3 day bender on heroin after being forced to listen to David Bowie music, or perhaps engaging in a bit of the old ultra-violence down at the local milk-bar?

Are you sure those are men's clothes? Those models look like girls to me ... I mean despite the whole "commes des garcon" thing.

They look like homeless women. I have never understood "high" fashion. But at least they dress the men as bizarrely as they dress the women.

Death before dishonor.

Les Miserables?

NYT said I could not look at any more of their crap with out paying 99 cents. I am devastated, it's not worth that much to me.

Ken -There is a way to cheat the system.

No. No. Hell No.

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