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January 25, 2013


Seattle police search for toothless, fishy-smelling Rolex thief

(Thanks to B'game)


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It's that finny fiend, the Penguin!

Why would you steal (or want) a fishy-smelling watch? Even if it was a Rolex? I've never had a watch with teeth. Am I missing out on something? I live such a sheltered life......

$45,000 for a watch that requires cleaning a few times a year, just to ensure accuracy to within 15 seconds a month?

I've got a Timex watch. It sets itself automagically from the WWV time signal, daily, and is accurate to a few milliseconds per year. Retail cost? $47.

And mine has no odor, whatsoever.

The thief wasn't very bright, was he?

They might lure him back if they offered a rebait.

MTB, what kind of chum are you? You used that pun just for the halibut, didn't you?

I am saddened that you think me such a cod, PB. That was merely a fluke.

I had to cast a wide net, MTB. As the fish-jokes ran thin, the end-dolphins kicked in.

I'll try and make it up to you. If possible. I can send you a DVD of a nautical-themed James Bond movie I enjoyed. It's called A View to a Krill.

I don't mind sharing, as the producer sent me a boatload of them, telling me I finally had to get my ship together. But why does Mrs. PirateBoy still call me a little dingy? (Note: We're talking about a boat here, people!)

Pun city!
Somewhere, my late mother is smiling.

& a Shipload of hardy-har-HARRRRRRS!

Time to catch that stinker.

Anyone seen Gollum lately?


Someone lost his Precious?

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